Blizzard Beach

It's Central Florida's most popular water park -- and one of the highest ranked in the world. Themed to a ski lodge complete with a skilift to take you to the top of the three most daring slides in the park, Blizzard Beach is more than just a water park.

Grab a complimentary tube and hop on the lazy river that circles the park and you will find yourself floating gingerly past an icy cavern with chilling streams of water, a house with a sneezy chimney and more. You have a great family raft ride too, though the top draw for the thrillseeker is Summit Plummet -- a tall, steep plunge.

TIP -- Lockers are half-price if you arrive within the last two hours of the day. Because most folks are clearing out by then it's also a great way to avoid crowds. Rainy day? Don't let it get in the way. As long as it's just rain -- and not thunderstorms -- the park remains open and not only will it not be as hot but you will find much shorter lines as many fair-weather friends will bolt.

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