Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf

If you want some elegant putt-putt action while in Disney head on over to Fantasia Gardens. While not as intricately-themed as Disney's other miniature golf course Winter Summerland this one is still a class act. Fantasia scenes like dancing mushrooms and hippos doing ballet dot the 18 holes.

Tip: The course is open from 10am to 11pm daily. It is right in front of the Dolphin Hotel, which means that it is walking distance from the Swan, Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Club Disney resorts. Those resorts are also a short boat ride away from EPCOT or MGM (or about a 20 minute walk if you so wish). So the next time you find yourself at EPCOT or MGM in the early afternoon and the crowds have gotten to be a bit much, head on out, get your hand stamped, and hop on the ferry to the Dolphin (from Disney-MGM it leaves from the only dock just to your left as you exit the park -- at EPCOT go between Canada and France to the International Gateway exit, then hop the ferry there).

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