Hard Rock Vault

The Vault is closed! In September of 2004, after being open for less than two years in the Mercado Shopping Center this musical score hit the coda. In other words, the cool bank vault looking attraction is no more. You are probably familiar with the Hard Rock Cafe. Orlando has one of the most impressive locations in Citywalk and there is even a Hard Rock Hotel. Well, if you ever wondered where the best rock props go in the Hard Rock collection it used to be here. While not as elaborate as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland here you had an impressive display of rock relics through five themed gallaries. From The Beatles to Sid Vicious to the up and comers more than 1000 valuable pieces of memorabilia were there to see -- with guided tours available.

TIPS -- Sorry. This one's joined Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison is the great beyond. The Vault used to be open from 9am to midnight which made it a great place to hit pretty much rocking around the clock.

DIRECTIONS -- The Vault was located at 8437 International Drive in Orlando. The phone number was 407-599-7625. You can get off at the International Drive exit off I4 and just head South -- or get to International Drive through most of the area exits like Sand Lake Road and Kirkman.

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