Sea World Orlando

If you came to Florida to feed dolphins, pet stingrays and see killer whales splash, SeaWorld is the place for you. Everywhere you turn the marine life park has a lively show or an immersive hands-on experience for you and your family.

That doesn't mean that Sea World is for fish lovers only. The park has what most consider to be the best roller coaster in Florida, Kraken. It is the only floorless coaster in the state (54 inch height requirement on Kraken). Journey Into Atlantis (42 inch height requirement) is a themed ride that starts off as a boat ride with a refreshing coaster finale. There is also the Wild Arctic simulator. Yet it's the fish, mammals and animals you will see often. From an icy polar bear encounter to a hilarious sea lion show, there is even a great stunt show and human circus where humans take the rare roles of stars in this amazing theme park.

How can you make the most of SeaWorld Orlando? Well, the park opens daily at 9am. You also won't want to miss Mistify, Sea World's new night show filled with dazzling fountains and breathtaking fireworks. But arriving when the park opens means that you can walk right on to Journey Into Atlantis. That is the ride that will have the longest lines later in the day so knock it off early if you don't mind getting a little wet. Kraken after that would be a good second choice if you want to tame the sea beast coaster. Somethings to keep in mind? The Shamu killer whale show is very popular so arrive early -- especially if you want to sit close to the front in the Splash Zones. And, yes, you will have to pay to feed the dolphins. Check the kiosk that sells the food and line up a good 5-10 minutes before the posted time, because once they run out of fish to sell that's it until the next time slot.

If you plan on making SeaWorld your main attraction, you can stay right by the park. The beautiful Renaissance Orlando Resort is right across the street from the park and you can check rates and book a room online or you can save a little more money and still stay relatively close at the Days Inn Convention Center.

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Directions: The park is located right off I-4. You will get off at either Exit 71 or Exit 72 -- just look for the signs.

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