Typhoon Lagoon

While the park is older than its sister park -- Blizzard Beach -- and lacks as many thrilling water slides, Typhoon Lagoon is special. Not only does the park have a genuine wave pool that will kick up some crashing surf at regular intervals, but it's also got the most tropically appealing shady lazy river!

The park's highlight is a rare treat -- a snorkeling experience. It's free with park admission and you will be given sterilized gear and a quick snorkel instruction course before floating over a shark reef. Don't worry, stingrays don't bite and the sharks are small nurse sharks that are as good as harmless. Plenty of tropical fish. While you can't linger or backtrack (just get back in line and go again if you want) it's a great primer for new snorkelers and a fun way to explore marine life that stands out in a sea of chlorinated pool water attractions.

TIP -- Lockers are half-price if you arrive within the last two hours of the day. Because most folks are clearing out by then it's also a great way to avoid crowds. Rainy day? Don't let it get in the way. As long as it's just rain -- and not thunderstorms -- the park remains open and not only will it not be as hot but you will find much shorter lines as many fair-weather friends will bolt.

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