Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

It's always Christmas at Winter Summerland. Hands down one of the best-themed miniature golf courses in the country (with apologies to Disney's other putt-putt offering Fantasia Gardens and the many other crafty ranges found in places like Gatlinburg and Las Vegas) you know you're in for something special when you hear the festive holiday music.

While there are a limited number of parking spaces available at the course there is ample parking available at the Blizzard Beach water park lot (especially at night when the water park is closed and you can pull up right alongside Winter Summerland).

You have two courses. Summer. Winter. Both play around the holiday theme. The only difference is that while the seasonal décor is a recurring theme the courses are either chilly themed (like an ice hockey rink or an amusing snowman with a knack for spraying out a small stream of water after every successful putt) in the winter or warm (like candy-cane life preservers in a swimming hole). Both courses come together at the end, with presents by the tree. The final hole will culminate in a video message from Santa, themed to the respective season.

The winter course appears to be the easiest. While the holes on most courses are at least a par 3, odds are that a lucky stroke here and there will lead to a hole-in-one. The courses are child-friendly. You have four different club sizes available so everyone can play.

Tip: While the courses are usually not very crowded, as is the nature of miniature golf you may eventually find yourself playing behind a large group. Feel free to pass them over then come back to that hole after the 17th hole. You do not want to play through the 18th hole before finishing your game because once you shoot ball up the ramp and get Santa's seasonal greeting your ball is gone.

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