World's Largest McDonald's Playplace

You can't miss it. Just off the Sand Lake Road Exit on I-4, just steps away from the traffic magnet of I-4, there rests the two story Mickey D's that claims to be the world's largest -- along with the largest McDonald's PlayPlace kiddie play area.

Even the skeptical Roadside America gives the location its proper props, having displaced a glasshouse McDonald's in Oklahoma for that honor. However, in fact, Russia is now home to the largest Mickey D's, yet this remains the world's largest indoor McPlayPlace area, or the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's as it is now billed.

What's inside? Glad you asked. The menu goes beyond your standard fare. Sure, you can fill that Big Mac craving but you can also order an oven-baked pizza. You can also have grilled panini sandwiches -- made to order -- and there's an actual ice cream scoop shop inside as well. Upstairs you will find a huge McPlayPlace area. More than half of the area is set aside for arcade and prize redemption games that will burn through that Happy Meal money faster than you can say "Hamburglar!" But you also have the free assortment of tunnels, ball crawls and slides.

But downstairs is where all of the food action is. It's somewhat themed too. Remember the old commercials with the moon playing "Mack the Knife" on the piano? He lives on here as do various levels (and an elevator to get to the second floor if you prefer that over the stairs).

6875 Sandlake Road
Orlando FL 32819
(407) 351-2185

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